Personalized Experiences Across the Globe

Our goal is to make you a modern-day explorer... To give you the opportunity to discover for yourself some of our planet's most exotic natural and cultural treasures.

We are dedicated not only to helping you find and appreciate some of the world's most fascinating flora and fauna, but also to helping conserve wildlife and its habitats for future generations.

We are committed to creating a travel experience that exceeds your unique dreams and expectations. We treat our clients as if they were old friends taking a special trip -- and many of them become just that!


Our staff has assisted thousands of clients from every state in the USA in planning natural and cultural adventures all over the world.

We have assisted with travel plans to destinations in the Old World and the New World. We have sent clients to the South Pole and the Arctic Circle. We have aided with the plans to the Near East and the Far East. We know about North to Alaska and Down Under. Whether it be the darkest of Africa, the Amazon River Basin, or the rainforests of Costa Rica, the consultants at Preferred Adventures Ltd can arrange "the adventure of a lifetime." 

Worldwide Destinations

With so many places to visit, choosing a travel destination can be difficult. Talk to our staff to find out what each location has to offer!

  • Costa Rica
  • Peru
  • Alaska
  • Alaska
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Europe
  • Ecuador
  • Galápagos
  • Panama
  • Belize

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